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'''Zach Sciacca''', better known as '''Z-Trip''', is an American DJ and producer. He is best known as a pioneer of the Mashup (music)|mashup movementWolk, D: "Make Your Own Mash-Up", ''Rolling Stone'' Magazine, 2002. and an award-winning global DJ (he was the 2009 recipient of the "America's Best DJ Award", among others). His skill as a world-class DJ has also afforded him success as a producer, working with artists across different genres including LL Cool J, Public Enemy (group)|Public Enemy, Kasabian and Dan the Automator. As of 2012, he has also been featured as hip-hop legend LL Cool J's touring DJ in shows that have been described as so exemplary that the "crowd can barely handle the greatness," and collaborated with the hip-hop star Talib Kweli on the mixtape ''Attack the Block''. In 2012, Z-Trip also launched a new mixer with Rane Corporation|Rane and Serato called the 62-Z.
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